Digital technology, Imagination, Creativity and Entrepreneurship for a high-quality teaching

About the project

DTICEQT is an Erasmus + K project 226 Strategic Alliances for digital education, it involves 4 EU countries and is a network of partners from 8 institutions, including profiles such as higher education centers, school institutions, an association of businesspeople and another technological profile.

The project implements a global and sustainable plan for distance learning strategies between schools; Two classes from different countries, interactively, deal with collaborative problem solving (CPR) which have been previously designed by the teachers of both classes. Students though videoconference will explain how problem has been solved in each country.

This process will thus turn schools into broader learning communities; with the support, advise and evaluation by higher education centers (responsible for the initial teacher training) and also by experts in entrepreneurship and digital technologies. In this way, we open the school to society and enable the content of the curriculum, based on tasks real interesting for the students.


In this way, we try to promote innovative and efficient learning based on creative and active pedagogies; students as protagonists of their own learning process, the use of emergent technologies and thus minimize school failure, in this way we will work on the digital skills and abilities of teachers, something that has been revealed as essential after the health crisis of COVID-19.